Lawless Jerky is America's Craft Jerky™, proudly made in Arizona, USA. Over the past 2 years Lawless Jerky has grown from a small apartment kitchen in Santa Monica, CA into a state-of-the-art beef jerky facility in Arizona. Unlike almost all major beef jerky brands, Lawless Jerky’s founder, Matt, still creates every flavor from scratch. And we still make our jerky by hand in microbatches.
AKTreasureShop is a collection of work designed and made by two sisters. Angel, who designs the jewelry and Annie, who designs handbags and purses. Kenny, their bother, works and collaborates with other designers who share the same love of vintage inspired fashion and delicate jewelry!
Chacana is more than a brand, it is a collective of skilled artisans from Ecuador and Peru with whom we have developed a great friendship and trust for years.
   Our Mission is to provide original high quality apparel and accessories handmade by skilled artisans in Peru and Ecuador. Each product of Chacana NYC has a meaning and story inspired by traditional designs and textiles of the Andes and the Amazon.
True to his slogan, "Make art not war," master jewelry designer and maker, Eddie Park, repurpouses amunition casings into bold and unique fashion statements. From jewelry to accessories Eddie's pieces are sure to make a "bang."
City of Saints appreciates coffee in its infinite forms. They borrow their name from Harar, Ethiopia – the original “city of saints” – where coffee has been grown and traded for centuries. They craft their identity from a wide foundation of knowledge, experience, and passion, for everything that coffee has been between then and now.
Brooklyn Smithy was developed while designer JC Ortiz was working as a Commercial Fisherman in Alaska. The Brooklyn Smithy style is represented by many years work appreciating the craftsmanship of giant steel fishing boats in Harbors and wrecking yards of Resurrection Bay. JC loves longevity paired with the uncertainty of demise that represents the world we live with every living creature and material.
Cmartymar® is a premium accessory brand, that focuses on quality and exclusivity. Their goal is to create limited quantity pieces that connect with each customer. The products they create are all items that have been carefully curated to fill the void in today’s menswear & streetwear market. Cmartymar® develops unique and original products that tell their story.
Expert screen-printer and designer Hallie Kruger lives and creates in New York City's Lower East Side, but finds her materials and inspiration from all over. Everything she sells is 100% made by her. Every piece of custom apparel is entirely unique and single-edition - meaning no two are ever completely identical.
Ulyss Blair holds the “best of show” title for the 2015 Copenhagen International Tattoo Convention. He spends a good amount of time on the road, at conventions, and guest spots all over the world. Luckily for us, his current residency is at Magic Cobra Tattoo Society in Williamsburg.
Mibk silk screeners is a screen printing shop based in Bensonhurst Brooklyn. It is owned and operated by Vadim Dyadyuk, a Ukranian immigrant who has been living in Brooklyn for the last 22 years. Mibk deals primarily with bands, record labels and artists from around the world. Besides custom orders, Mibk is getting into launching its own lines of apparel with the help of unique artists from Brooklyn.
In 2014, the dancer and artist group, “Evergreen” was born in the Bushwick district of Brooklyn,NY. The name is taken from this word made up of “EVER(forever)” and“GREEN(young, abundant).” As of 2015, activities include performances in Japan and the US, production of goods, and support for artists and children.
Carlos Santofimia founded Santo Burrito in 2010 in Saint Augustine ,Florida. Three years later his son and he moved to Larchmont, New York. Father and son started bringing the delicious taste of Santo Burrito to farmers markets throughout the lower Hudson valley. They've made their way to NYC and have even catered for the New York Times!
Rock band and art collective, The Bushwick Hotel, conceived of and curate Rock n' Shop @ The Paper Box. They're not only the hosts of the event but also vendors displaying their street influenced screen prints on NYC Maps.
Newtown is a local Mediterranean influenced vegan and vegetarian cafe that is a neighborhood favorite. Featuring the freshest ingredients and some of our favorite dishes including the halloumi sandwich on salted focaccia bread and labne appetizer. Not to be missed.
A family business since 1859, the McMillen brothers, Chris and Ryan, will transform the lounge of The Paper Box into a fully stocked book store including vintage magazines, rare finds, and a wide array of literary treasures.
You eat it. You love it. You can't get enough of it! Now you can get delicious Bagelsmith bagels in Bushwick at Rock n' Shop @ The Paper Box. We're very proud to have a Bedford Ave. classic spreading love the Brooklyn way...see what we did there?
Have you ever wondered what the Millennium Falcon might taste like? You may have tasted a buffalo wing, but have you ever tasted an X-Wing? We may never know the answers to those questions, but in the imagination of artist Jon Good they taste delicious. Feast your eyes and saber the flavor of these hand made and hand painted Star Wars inspired chocolates.
Traze Falafel Pizza is a hybrid that will surely join the upper crust. Chickpeas and cheese mmm…yes please!
Charlotte of Mongrel Bitch, and Hank from CBGBs founded a neighborhood favorite music store with hard to find vintage guitars, drums, effects pedals, mic stands, mics, pro audio outboard gear, and keyboards. Look no further for pro setups and repairs.
Lex Taylor, winner of Esquire Network's The Next Great Burger, will be dishing up his signature burger. Stop by and try the burger that knocked out sixteen other chefs and brought home the gold!
Artist Stephen Cole brings you good ol' Random Ass Art. Finely detailed drawings that make you say "Ooo Aaah... Why?"
Jiirüma travels around the world sharing culture, collecting, and selling art from local artists and designers they meet along the way.
Modern Opus is a New York based jewelry and accessory brand that carries a unique line from everyday pieces to one-of-a-kind designs to compliment the fashion conscious from all walks of life.